Important Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, June 15, 2022 @ 6:30
Coalition Meeting

Thursday, June 16, 2022 @ 7:00pm
School Board Meeting

Saturday, June 25, 2022 @ 5:30pm
Coalition Get together viewing “2,000 Mules”
Summit Grove The Lodge, Conference Room
New Freedom, PA

New Business to consider for the Upcoming School Board Meeting:

  • Superintendent- The Board of Education to consider appointing, and approving the employment contract for, Dr. Robert J. Bryson to serve as Superintendent of Schools for a five-year term beginning July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2027.

  • New Logo- The Board of Education to make a motion on how to move forward with the selection of a new logo.

  • Logo Transition Committee – The Board of Education to hear a presentation regarding the logo transition by Logo Transition Committee Members Katy Isennock and Liana Feeser.

  • Public Comment Agenda Change –  The Board of Education to consider approval to add a new agenda item on each month’s board agenda after public comment for the Board to discuss public comments made.

  • Health and Safety Plan

  • Bus Cameras WILL NOT be on the agenda

Old Business to consider from the Previous Board Meeting / Meeting Summary:

Public Comment Summary:

  1. Liana Feeser talked about great things that happened in the school year and liked the Spring Together Sessions.

  2. Susan Donnally thanked SYCSD staff and emphasized that her husband attended the “Talking to your Child  about Race ” Session and he liked it. She was appreciative of the event and happy about all Spring Together sessions.

  3. Laura Piercy expressed appreciation for Dr. Lemmon and SYCSD teachers, stressed that teachers need to be well paid, and expressed her appreciation for the “Talking to your child about Race” session and hoped that Alpana Chhibber could be invited back to SYCSD.

  4. Mike Sharkey (Mayor),  expressed concern over red light violations, stressed the need to prosecute violators, and suggested cameras be installed on buses.

  5. A parent (name redacted per request), shared encouragement that one of her sons had a rough start this year but because teachers and staff did not give up on him he closed the year with great success.

  6. Joe Wilson expressed concern over continuing behavior issues, and would like letter grades returned for elementary student report cards.

  7. Bob Betz expressed support for Mr. Sharkey’s bus camera idea, commented that he has seen positive behavior changes this year, and suggested a committee to deal with behavior issues.

  8. Jen Henkel questioned the appropriateness of the “Talking to your Child about Race” Spring Together session, and questioned why the presentation won’t be made public. She also expressed her dissatisfaction with  Responsive Discipline practices  used by the school and hopes this will be considered when choosing a new Superintendent.

  9. Nathan Henkel offered kudos to students who participated in the Technology Fair, and voiced concern over some of the views brought up at the second Spring Together session.

Action: 8.06 Center for Responsive Schools Agreement: 

Motion to approve an agreement with Center for Responsive Schools, Inc at a cost of $45,800 for two elementary Responsive Classroom sessions. These sessions are to occur August 1-4, 2022 for up to thirty staff each session. They will be paid for using Safety and Security Grant funding and ESSER Grant Funding.

Motion by Danielle Weaver-Watts, second by Kelly Jarvis.

Final Resolution: Motion Passes

Yea: Elizabeth Dauberman, Marylee Hall, James Holley, Kelly Jarvis, Robert Schefter, Danielle Weaver-Watts, R Michael Wolford

Nay: Samantha Hall

*Samantha Hall questioned Dr. Bryson about whether this training was the exact same training parents during Public Comment were questioning and making their dissatisfaction known. Dr. Bryson allowed Dr. Dankosky to answer Samantha Hall’s questions about Restorative Discipline in an impromptu presentation. During this “presentation” Samantha Hall pressed if this was a continuation of what parents in public comment said they were concerned about. Finally Dr. Dankosky relented and said it was the very same practice. *The Coalition Notes Samantha Hall’s NAY vote on this.

Report: 16.01 Legislative Council:

Kelly Jarvis announced she is now the PSBA Advocacy Ambassador, a liaison between our School Directors and the  law makers of PA.

She mentioned on Advocacy Day she was able to sit down with Senator Kristen Philips-Hill’s Staff Assistant and gave her School Profile information along with information providing her with a “deeper understanding that drives our fiscal challenges.”

She met with Rep. Kate Klunk who she says has “a really good  understanding of funding needs, particularly about the need for Charter School Funding Reform.”

Representative Mike Jones did not meet with her so she left information with his office.

19. New Business

  • Marylee Hall brought up that the second Spring Together session, “How to Talk to Your Children About Race,” was not what she thought it was going to be, and did not feel it was appropriate for our district. Michael Wolford expressed similar concerns, and suggested that in the future a statement be made prior to any event stating something similar to, “These are not necessarily the views of our District, but are the presenter’s views.”

  • Marylee Hall asked that an agenda item be added to June’s agenda to discuss adding “Board Comment” to future agendas.  She would like it to follow Public Comment as a way to acknowledge community members’ comments.